Yoga with Sylvia

Yoga is practical, it meets you where you are. There is nothing to change or prepare for before you begin. Just come and practice, bring only your ‘peace of mind’ and watch the evolution. It requires an effort that is a balance between the strength that you already have and a willingness to surrender, to let go of, all that you don’t need.

In the West, we view yoga as a series of physical exercises that are performed to increase flexibility and strength. These postures allow the breath to move effortlessly through the body and it’s energy channels. The mind then is invited to rest at it’s rightful place of bliss. It is here that the benefits of yoga are no longer restricted to the physical body. The body, mind and emotions become more flexible, more strong, more focused.

A complete practice will include a time for breathing exercises, postures, and relaxation to soak in afterglow. A class will be best organized to support the natural rhythms, depending on the time of day.

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